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MUST Instructions


 Motivating Undergraduates

in Science and Technology


NASA MUST Instructions

Please read the following information carefully before completing this application.

The online application, required documents and letter of recommendation must be submitted on or before March 1.

Please note:

1. Teachers/professors need at least 2 weeks notice to write a thorough Letter of Recommendation.

2. Transcripts take 2-3 weeks to process and must be postmarked by the deadline of March 1st.

3. Save all of your responses in a separate document.If you navigate away from the application before submission, all information will be lost.

Registration -

1. Create your login and password. You will be able to access the application system through this login and password to update your application until the deadline.

2. Submit your contact and academic information. You will automatically be logged out so you can verify your email address.

3. Check your e-mail. You should have an email from di This email will contain a link for you to verify your registration.  

4. Log into your application. You will be taken to a screen that shows your registration information. Verify that it is correct and select “continue.”

Determining your Eligibility -
If any scholarship applications are currently available, you will see them on the homepage. To determine your eligibility you will need to provide more information. You can either:

a. Click “apply” to begin the application for the NASA MUST program, or

b. Click “full profile” to determine your eligibility for all available scholarship programs.

Section 1: The Application –

1. Click “apply” for the program(s) for which you qualify. You will need to submit an essay, upload a resume, and sign an online legal agreement.  You may also be asked to submit additional essays, depending upon the program for which you are applying.

2. If you do not qualify for any currently OPEN programs, you will be redirected to other scholarship resources. Please review the eligibility criteria for all OPEN programs if you have any questions concerning your eligibility.

3. Read the essay prompt and other questions carefully. Log out and write your essay on a separate document. Return to your application by logging in, then copy and paste your essay into the space provided.

4. Click “submit” to save your essay and answers.

5. Once you click “submit” and you will see the Legal Agreement.

6. Under the Legal Agreement when you select "Agree" you will not be able to edit or change your essay and resume again.  If you click on “Decide Later” you will be able to edit your essay and answers. (You can continue on to Section 2 but you must select "Agree" on the Legal Agreement before you can access Section 3)

Section 2: Letter of Recommendation –

Make sure your reference has sufficient time to submit your letter of recommendation online by March 1st.

1. HCF will request a letter of recommendation from the person you indicate. We DO NOT accept paper letters of recommendation.  

2. This is a key component of your application, so ask someone who knows you well and can speak in detail of your academic accomplishments and participation in STEM activities.

3. Call your potential reference and ask if he/she is willing to write you a letter of recommendation for the NASA MUST Scholarship Program.

4. Enter your reference's name, email and phone number.

5. Let your reference know to expect an email with instructions from   We will send them this email the evening after you submit their email address.

6. If they do not receive the email the next day, verify that you have given HCF their correct email address and/or they have checked their junk email folder.  You are responsible for making sure your letter of recommendation is received by HCF online no later than the deadline.

7. Log in before the deadline to confirm that your reference submitted their recommendation online.

8. Send a reminder. After you submit your reference’s information you can send a reminder e-mail by re-accessing Section 2 and clicking on the envelope icon.

Section 3: Sending Documents –

* Please do not send documents until application officially opens *

Documents must be postmarked by March 1st. You are required to send your most recent Official Transcript and Proof of Citizenship. Read the Description of Documents
 to find out which documents are acceptable.

1. Collect and mail your documents (make sure they are legible), before the deadline to:

Hispanic College Fund
Attn: Scholarship Processing/NASA MUST
1301 K Street, NW
Suite 450-A West
Washington, DC 20005

2. Enter the date of when you mailed or PLAN to mail each of the documents requested. 

3. Check the status of your documents. Once HCF has received and processed your document, the status will say “Complete” next to each item. Documents take 3-4 weeks to process. If you notice that your documents have not been received within 4 weeks of mailing them; it is your responsibility to follow up with HCF. Any paperwork postmarked after the deadline will not be processed, and will be shredded for your protection.  

Section 4: Financial Aid Verification - This section IS NOT REQUIRED for the NASA MUST Program.



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