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The Application Deadline is March 1, 2012 for all Hispanic College Fund scholarship programs.

A Note about E-mail:  Make sure to add the address "autoemail at hispanicfund.org" to your contacts or safe list so that important messages regarding your application do not get caught in your junk or SPAM filter.  Also note that "autoemail at hispanicfund.org" is only used to send automated messages regarding your account, and therefore we will not view or respond to messages sent to that address.

Application Instructions

Applications for the 2012-2013 academic year are now closed.

Applications will reopen December 2012.


Section 1: Scholarship Applications

Login to your scholarship account, or register for a scholarship account, using the menu items on the left-hand side of this page.

Once you are logged in, if any scholarship applications are currently available, you will now see them on a table on your homepage.You will need to fill out more information to determine your eligibility.

Click the “Check Eligibility” link under Section 1 next to one of the available applications to fill out the required eligibility questions.  Once you complete the eligibility questions, you will see a "Continue" button next to all scholarship applications for which you are eligible.

1. Click Continue for the program(s) for which you qualify. You will need to submit an essay, upload a resume, and sign an online legal agreement.  For some applications you may need to answer additional questions.

2.If you do not qualify for any currently OPEN programs, you will be redirected to other scholarship resources. Please review eligibility criteria for all programs currently OPEN if you have any questions concerning your eligibility.

Read the essay prompt and other questions carefully.

Log out and write your essay on a separate document.

Return to your application by logging in, then copy and paste your essay into the space provided.

Click SUBMIT and you will see the Legal Agreement.  You MUST reach this stage of the process before proceeding to Sections 2 - 3. 

Section 2: Letter of Recommendation

The recommendation letter must be submitted online by your recommender by the deadline provided above.

HCF will request a letter of recommendation from the recommender of your choice. We DO NOT accept paper letters of recommendation. 

The letter of recommendation is a key component of your application. You should choose someone who knows you well, can speak of your accomplishments in the classroom, and can talk about any outside activities in your field of study in great DETAIL.

Contact the person you would like as a reference and tell them you are applying for a scholarship through the Hispanic College Fund at least two full weeks before the deadline.

Enter your recommender's name, email and phone in Section 2.

Your recommender will receive an email with instructions from on the evening that you complete Section 2 of the online application. Check with your recommender - if he/she does not receive the email by the next day, contact HCF staff.

You are responsible for making sure your letter of recommendation is received by HCF online no later than the deadline.

After you have submitted your recommender’s information you can send a reminder e-mail by accessing Section 2 and clicking on the envelope icon.

Section 3: Supporting Documents

HCF does not accept paper copies of documents in the mail.

Upload copies of your supporting documents in Section 3 by the deadline given above.  Click here for further instructions.

Check the status of your documents. Your document status will say “Verified” next to each item once it has been successfully processed.

Documents may take up to four weeks to process. If you notice that your documents have not been processed within four weeks of uploading them, it is then your responsibility to follow up with HCF.

Black out all social security numbers before uploading documents.






All applications are processed through a secure website.

The Application Deadline is March 1, 2012 for all Hispanic College Fund scholarship programs.